Irvine Personal Trainers Helping Teens

The adolescent and teenage years of a child are thought to be one of the most stressful, yet most developmental times in ones life. As a personal trainer in Irvine and Orange County we see so many young women who beat themselves up over there self image especially overweight teen girls. Thats why at The Training Habit we want to foster positive self perception by not only by means of weight loss, but also through alternate measure of seeing the world from the inside out! Research shows that parents who nurture a positive attitude and actively show their children qualities of resilience and optimism make dramatic differences that continue into successful healthy adult years. We want to be be that outside structure and mentors for fitness, exercise and the importance of leading a healthy life in a judgement free zone.

1) We believe in your kids. With over 15 years of working with young adults we understand how important it is to provide a support system and let them know we are here to help. By giving them an outside resource they can lean on our personal trainers will not only provide good workouts, but a place where young persons can express their feelings and release tension through exercise.

2) Our group classes will put them around others who are trying to attain the same health goals who understand their struggle and and believe change is possible!

3) We will Encourage your young adults to stay interested in what we provide as group personal trainers and mentors. We want to develop their interest in fitness and will have them even lead a few exercises in time so they can see what they are learning is valuable and can help them be leaders one day!

4) As the inevitable fitness results are seen we will help them embrace the success and show through handwork and persistence that anything is possible. If there are failures the lesson will be find a new way and keep pushing forward. Positive attitude and effort is far more important than victory.

5) We will encourage upbeat conversations about the future. Assume they are going to college and thinking about good careers and how fitness can lead to more brain power, energy and confidence.

6) We will be role models for perseverance because all of our Irvine personal trainers have gone through tough times

7) Facilitate family fun and laughter. A family that can joke, laugh, and lighten up their days with humor can help to prevent negativity and tension throughout their weight loss journey!